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Kerrys Hensch RD

MS in Clinical Nutrition & Satiated Life Nutrition Founder

Born in Wales and later moving to New York in 2004, I pursued my education at NYU and earned a master’s degree in clinical nutrition. Throughout the years, I balanced raising my four children while maintaining my license and continuing education, knowing that I would eventually reenter the field.

My deep intuition regarding health became apparent after my fourth child during a postpartum check-up. Only 10 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight and feeling fantastic, I recognized that the remaining weight would naturally come off after breastfeeding. However, things took a turn when I opted for a non-hormonal copper IUD. Within four weeks of its installation, my health began to deteriorate, despite my concerns being dismissed by those around me, including my doctor who attributed my symptoms to hormonal changes.

Experiencing hair loss, gaining around 30 pounds, and undergoing a drastic shift in my disposition, I realized the doctors were mistaken. Deep inside, I knew something else was causing these issues. Refusing to accept their diagnoses, I embarked on a journey to regain my health. I committed to intense workouts and a diet consisting solely of whole foods. Yet, as the weight continued to increase, I delved into the potential causes of my symptoms and discovered that copper toxicity was the culprit. Without hesitation, I had the IUD removed and began an intense detox plan involving smoothies, chlorella, chelation IVs, and saunas.

During this period, I embraced low-impact exercises such as walking, yoga, and Pilates, aiming to nurture my body instead of overexerting it. In 2017, a dear friend introduced me to Ashtanga Mysore Yoga, which became a crucial part of my life, aiding me in navigating the chaos brought on by the pandemic. The pandemic itself allowed me the time and space at home to pursue further education in mindful eating, which led me to explore mindfulness meditation and eventually become qualified as a well-nourished life coach.

Previously, as a mother of four, I often sacrificed meditation due to time constraints. However, I soon realized that it was an integral aspect of my well-being. Through my mindfulness training, I personally experienced remarkable benefits, as if my creativity had been set free after being confined for years. This marked the birth of Satiated Life.

Over the course of those 10 years, I faced numerous challenges, including the loss of both parents, the pandemic’s impact, witnessing my babies grow into children and then teenagers, and most importantly, rediscovering myself. It was a long and transformative journey, gradually bringing me back to life. Now, a decade later, I have never felt better, living my Satiated Life.

Find the Perfect Place for Your Practice

Follow Your Heart
Carving out some time each day for a little self love will reward you back tenfold.
Meditation can be a powerful tool to help you find your authentic self. Allowing space for stillness and turning inward, can help cultivate self-awareness and connect you with your true essence.
A daily practice will give you a deeper understanding of yourself as a whole; thoughts, emotions, and behavior patterns. Peeling away each layer like an onion to reveal your authentic self, whilst gaining a deeper understanding of all the layers that make you unique.
You will become more mindful of your thoughts and emotions, and may start to become aware of anything that may have been holding you back.
Your passions, desires and what truly makes you happy will likely become illuminated along with the pathway to get you there.
This journey of self discovery and self improvement can begin with a quick spin of the Wheel of Satiety and a daily 5 minute meditation.

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